Taking a left turn

  Becoming a Left-Handed Mouse Operator If your dominant hand is your right hand, becoming a left-handed mouse operator is a total no-brainer as a way to increase your writing and, particularly, editing … [Read More...]


Are we there yet?

Writing Endings The Essentials for Endings By definition, your story end is the section after the climax—it's the aftermath of all the action. It is the place where any loose plot ends are tied up, the conflict is … [Read More...]


Running in parallel

  A secondary strand to your story is called a subplot and subplots can connect to your main plot either in time or place, or thematically. They may involve the same characters or different characters, or an … [Read More...]


Writing to Assist the Reader — Part 2

  Click here for 'Writing to assist the reader — Part 1'. Unlike fiction books, people often read non-fiction books for a purpose other than pleasure: for example, to learn a new aspect of a hobby, to make … [Read More...]