PLC_Photo_10.1.11Dr Philippa (Pippa) Carron is a professional technical writer who has written numerous works of non-fiction for government and in the private sector over 35 years. She has a PhD in ecology (ANU 1985) and specialises in researching, writing and editing science material, but can write quickly and effectively on any subject.

She currently delivers a range of writing skills courses (grammar, punctuation, writing efficiency, etc) to public servants and in the private sector across Australia. She also offers one-on-one writing coaching and mentoring services, as well as research, writing and editing services for all types of documents. Pippa is a member of the Canberra Society of Editors, the ACT Writers Centre, the Australian Society of Authors and the Alliance of Independent Authors.

She has self published a number of non-fiction works which are available on Amazon (e.g. All You Need To Know About: Writing Fiction and Doctor Pippa’s Writers Block Remedy.

Following completion of her PhD, she worked for Parliament (the Senate committee office), then managed a horse agistment property on the Cotter Road outside Canberra, worked for government again (departments of Industry and Health), then established a meeting management business (Secretariat Australia) which she ran for nine years. She owned and managed a travel agency for a short period, and has travelled extensively around Australia and the world. More recently she has been working with fiction writing, editing and manuscript appraisal. In 2015 she lead a creative writing group. She is now helping people with self-publishing their books through her mentoring program My Self Publishing Secrets.