Coaching and Mentoring

Do you need help with your fiction or non-fiction writing?

  • Do you long to express yourself through creative writing but don’t know where to start?
  • Do you suffer from chronic or acute writers block?
  • Do you struggle to write consistently and well?
  • Have you bogged down in the middle of a writing project?
  • Have you got your first draft finished and are unsure of what to do next?
  • Do you need help with editing your first draft before showing it to anyone else?
  • Do you long to self-publish your book but don’t how to get your manuscript to the point where it’s ready for publication?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, I guarantee that you would benefit from having some creativity coaching sessions.

What is a creativity coaching?

A creativity coach is just like any other type of coach (sports coach or life coach), though they focus on assisting people nurture and develop the creative side of their personality. A creativity coach assists people to:

  • articulate what is meaningful to them in their creative pursuits
  • identify meaningful and achievable creative projects
  • set meaningful goals and develop plans to achieve those goals
  • establish systems that support their creative pursuits
  • stay accountable to achieving their goals.

How does a creativity coach operate?

Creativity coaching sessions vary considerably between clients, depending on client needs. After an initial consultation, a specific program of assistance is mapped out. The program is based on:

  • regular contact and feedback sessions
  • technical support through tutorials and exercises
  • understanding, empathy, realism and ‘tough love’.

Creativity coaches can help people in all of the creative arts (writing, painting, sculpture, dramatic arts, music, etc), but many of them specialise. I specialise in assisting people with developing their writing talents. I have been coaching people in non-fiction writing skills for over 10 years and have recently moved into coaching people in fiction writing.

How do I find out if creativity coaching will help me?

It is essential to have a good fit between coach and client.  I provide an obligation-free, 30-minute phone or Skype conversation with prospective clients to discuss their needs. This includes answering a questionnaire. If the prospective client then wishes to continue, I prepare a three-month coaching plan. If the client wishes to go ahead with the plan, or a modified version, we sign an agreement and start the program.

How much does a coaching program cost?

  • Coaching programs vary between a ‘light-touch’ and ‘full-on’ depending on client needs.
  • A light-touch consists of weekly check-in emails, tutorials and writing exercises, and a 30-minute phone/Skype conversation per month.
  • Full-on includes unlimited access to email support, a weekly one-hour support telephone call, weekly tutorials and writing exercises, a package of editing services, and a manuscript assessment.
  • Indicative prices are included in the three-month coaching plan.
  • The minimum cost (for a ‘light-touch’ program) is $147 per month.
  • The minimum time period for coaching is three months, with the first two months paid in advance and then monthly in advance after that.
  • 100% money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

How do I book my 30-minute free assessment?

  • Please email me on info[at]writinginthegap[dot]com

Do you offer personalised writing mentoring?

Yes definitely! If you would like a customised mentoring program to get started on your book, to get your book finished, or to provide help with self-publishing or marketing, then a customised program can be prepared especially for you.

Who am I?

  • My name is Dr Philippa (Pippa) Carron and I am the Creative Director of Writing in the Gap. I am a professional writer and editor and have been providing writing coaching services for over 10 years. More information about me can be found at:


  • 2015 – Introduction to Creativity Coaching Training (16 weeks with Eric Maisel:
  • 2016 – Advanced Creativity Coaching Training: Coaching Writers, Visual Artists and Performers (16 weeks with Eric Maisel:


I’ve been so fortunate to find Pippa as a writing coach. Over the last three months I’ve gone from not knowing where to start with my memoir, to having a writing schedule all worked out, and knowing exactly what I need to do to get my book written. Pippa’s weekly emails and carefully selected writing tutorials have given me both the technical help and the psychological support I’ve needed, plus our monthly face-to-face meetings have been terrific for keeping me motivated. She’s a great writing coach. I’d recommend her to anyone wanting to get started, or wanting help to stick with their writing project and produce the best work they can. Richard, June 2016

Pippa is a supportive writing coach who generously gives of her extensive knowledge of literature and writing technique. She has a sharp editorial eye and a studied understanding of the English language. This practical knowledge combined with Pippa’s enthusiastic attitude gives beginning writers the confidence to extend themselves beyond what they thought was possible. Moira, October 2015 (YOTN-2 Writing Group, Canberra)

Pippa has been inspirational in our writing group not only with her own writing but with the way she has been motivating all of us. She is sharing her notes, presenting seminars and providing constructive critique. Her passion for writing and her commitment to help fellow writers is worthy of commendation. I am proud to call her a friend and teacher.  Neera,  October 2015 (YOTN-2 Writing Group, Canberra)

Over the last few months Pippa has … become my writing coach. Her weekly ‘writing check-in’ emails ask just the right type of questions on how my writing journey is progressing and what I have done or what have I planned to do, to keep momentum up with my writing. She’s also suggested some great ideas to overcome things like ‘writer’s block’ or how to stop procrastinating; one clever scenario she put to me recently was wondering how I’d feel if I saw my novel in the window of my local bookstore, but with someone else’s name on it as the author! Furious, was my initial thought, but it’s amazing how that one question spurred me on! Writing is a solitary journey, but with Pippa as my writing coach, I feel more supported and able to keep plugging away, one character, one word, one sentence, one paragraph, one page, one chapter  . . . one story, at a time.  Catherine, October 2015 (Coaching client, Canberra)